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AHOY, we’re Archipelago!



And we build beautiful sites
Filled with quality content
That are integrated just right.



With us, your email campaigns
Will reach who you want to reach
And your social media posts
Will teach what you want to teach.



We’re very fond of WordPress,
Know Weebly, Wix, SiteBuilder,
CRMs, Yelp and YouTube,
Facebook, Insta, Twitter.



Our consultations and classes
Help you discover how
To plan, create, brand
And milk your own cash cow.



Do you need help with domains,
SEO, platforms, hosts,
Graphics, photos, hex colors,
social media, blog posts?



Most, most of our clients
Are under an hour away,
Scattered across Orange County,
Long Beach and LA.



We eat dinner with our clients;
They recommend us to their friends.
We tell their stories as best we can
And we’re with them ’til the end!



We’re always, always working,
Fortunately and unfortunately.
We’re inexpensive, because
We’re a young company.



Right now we’re still building
Our own portfolio site,
But we’ll complete it soon –
Before September 9th.



You are not alone.
It’s hard sometimes – we know.
No small business is an island.








Here’s a sample of what we’ve helped our clients with recently:

Websites - Coming Soon

Hosting - Coming Soon

I.T. - Coming Soon

1-on-1 - Coming Soon

Content - Coming Soon

Copy-Editing - Coming Soon

Graphics - Coming Soon

Photography - Coming Soon

Branding - Coming Soon

Social - Coming Soon

Email - Coming Soon

Workshops - Coming Soon


Christiana “Chris” Mohr

Chris is the Client Contact. She focuses on meeting with clients to conduct research and draft sites, graphics and promotions. She writes and edits content, improves SEO, plans advertising and marketing campaigns and builds websites. Chris teaches 1-on-1 lessons and workshops to small business owners and works with Bryson behind the scenes.

mobile: 714.316.9338


Bryson Taylor

Bryson focuses on developing custom code and building websites and apps both on platforms and from the ground up. He perfects complex designs, assists clients with IT, concentrates on highly technical details and manages projects. He designs informative guides and manuals for clients and works with Chris behind the scenes to conduct research, run reports and fine-tune processes.